Transmission Structures: Get Strength and Flexibility

Few people appreciate the level of detail that goes into every transmission structure decision. Factors like load, span, wind, soil, terrain and installation are just the beginning. At Valmont® Utility, we understand the complexity of transmission structures, which is why we offer options like Lattice and PyraMAX®, as well as Specialty Structures for truly unique needs.

With transmission structures from Valmont Utility, you get the one thing you need most – flexibility. We optimize flexibility through:

  • Load Sizes — Our transmission structures can handle loads from one circuit up to six, and 66 kV to over 1,000 kV.
  • Longer Spans — You give us the length of the span you need to cover, and we'll recommend the best transmission structure type (Lattice, PyraMAX or Specialty) and then design it just for you.
  • Environmental Considerations — Are weather extremes a factor? What about the wind? Is the soil good quality? Is the terrain flat or mountainous? Is seasonal flooding an issue? No matter the environment, we have a proven transmission structure that can handle it.
  • Installation — A structure that’s difficult to install isn’t a good structure. We consider key issues like site accessibility, environmental impact and skilled-labor availability in every transmission structure we recommend.
  • Durability — No matter the structure, Valmont Utility offers the coatings and finishes (including TriFORCE) to stand up against the elements – both above and below grade.
utility pole coating


Whether it’s an above ground option like hot-dip galvanizing or weathering steel, or TriFORCE™, the industry’s best below grade barrier protection, Valmont Utility offers corrosion protection for any environment.

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