Trust: The Most Important Component of Any Substation

As the place where the power you generate becomes the power your customers consume, substations are a vital part of any line and the backbone of any grid. Which means they’re too important to trust to just anyone.

We offer a full complement of tubular and standard steel, concrete and hybrid concrete/steel structures, complemented by a team of industry-leading engineers to develop a custom substation solution to meet your specifications. For over 45 years, we’ve offer low installed costs, exceptional structural performance and aesthetically pleasing for voltages ranging from 12kv to 765kv. Typical substation structures designed and manufactured by Valmont Utility include:

  • Termination Dead Ends (Monopole, H-frame, A-frame)
  • Bus Supports and Equipment Stands (Switch, PT, CT and CCVT stands)
  • Mast (Static, Lighting)
  • Box/POD structures

Extended Service Life

poles prepared for coating


Whether it’s an above ground option like hot-dip galvanizing or weathering steel, or TriFORCE™, the industry’s best below grade barrier protection, Valmont Utility offers corrosion protection for any environment.

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