A Global Leader in Engineering and Innovation
From transmission and distribution poles, substation structures and corrosion protection, our solutions can be custom-engineered, fabricated and delivered to any site in any combination of concrete, steel or hybrid (concrete/steel). With Valmont Utility, you have the flexibility—through one company—to customize segments of a line with poles fabricated out of materials suited to the environment. The result is a line that is more cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and resilient. Our global leadership and solutions-focused approach has uniquely positioned us to help shape the future. We’re partnering with power utilities to take advantage of opportunities like connecting existing power grids to help manage growing demand, bringing renewable energy into the electric power grid, delivering low or zero environmental impact installations and pioneering drone technology as a critical tool for structure and line inspections. Valmont Utility is a Valmont Industries, Inc. company.
About Valmont
Valmont is here to modernize vital infrastructure and increase agricultural productivity, sustainably and reliably. We galvanize steel to last a century with minimal environmental impact. We modernize irrigation to feed a growing population by utilizing the latest technology. We harden the electrical grid to enable the delivery of reliable power to millions of homes around the world. And we help make communities everywhere safer, cleaner and more connected through our smart infrastructure technology. Valmont serves two primary segments — agriculture and infrastructure — with seven markets we serve: Utility, Lighting and Transportation, Telecom, Solar, Coatings, Irrigation and Ag Tech. We manufacture products in 85 facilities spread across six continents, and we do business in over 100 different countries. That’s what Valmont does. We conserve resources and improve life, finding ways to make innovation and technology beneficial in the real world.
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