Just Say No to The Elements

At Valmont Utility, we understand that nature’s extreme elements require power transmission and distribution poles that are just as extreme—if not more. It’s why we offer spun and static cast concrete transmission and distribution poles.

And while environmental extremes (high humidity, salt, flooding, hurricanes) tend to be associated with areas like the southeast and gulf coast regions of the U.S., concrete is ideal in any region. Concrete poles perform well in cold weather climates, standing up to the most rigorous freeze/thaw testing standards. And, if you serve areas prone to fire, concrete is a great way to protect the investment in your lines and your reputation.

Extended Service Life

poles prepared for coating


Whether it’s an above ground option like hot-dip galvanizing or weathering steel, or TriFORCE™, the industry’s best below grade barrier protection, Valmont Utility offers corrosion protection for any environment.

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