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SteelCOR™ Forged Ring Plate

Improves Base Plate Structural Strength

The Valmont® Utility SteelCOR® forged ring base plate is fast becoming the industry’s preferred alternative to conventional steel base plate construction. SteelCOR base plates meet the market demands for strength and durability and mitigate the risk of variable supply from traditional steel mills. SteelCOR meets the range of thickness the market requires, yields greater strength, and reduces lead time through the advanced engineering techniques provided by Valmont Utility.

Large tubular steel poles can support multiple high-voltage lines, and these poles in turn require large base plates. To meet the robust material standards required by the industry, conventional base plates with sufficient thickness and widths are difficult to acquire. Although there is a growing need for large, thick base plates, the steel mill industry is not addressing the utility market demand sufficiently, which creates stress on project-completion timelines.

steelcor forged ring plate

What Sets SteelCOR Forged Ring Plates Apart from Other Solutions?

It's simple: SteelCOR delivers. This solution has proven to meet or exceed the performance of traditional mill plate construction through established testing and development on material, weld and conditional exposure. Its design flexibility includes rolled-to-size proficiency and CNC surface milling to establish a flat surface on the finished product. And SteelCOR offers an environmentally sound solution with a rolled-to-size manufacture, eliminating the typical 40% scrap rate of conventional base plate technology.

Learn more about the features of SteelCOR and test results in our product sheet.

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