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Steel Pole Manufacturing Process

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1. Levelized coil and rolled plate material meet strict mill test certifications. High-strength ASTM-grade steel is available for quick delivery and reliable access.


2.Engineered data files are fed directly into the Valmont Utility CNC controlled plasma burning equipment, creating precisely cut steel components.


3. The multiple 2,000 ton press brakes at Valmont Utility are among the most reliable and powerful in the industry. Limitless combinations of length, diameter, thickness, and taper are possible during the forming process.


4. Diameter and taper are no problem for Valmont Newmark's automatic seam welders. Tracking probes are among the features that make it routine to exceed industry standards for weld penetration.


5. Bolted and welded connections must be accomplished with the utmost accuracy to assure proper fit-up and mating pieces.


6. Base plates and flanges are pre-heated according to AWS code parameters, squared to the pole section, and then skillfully welded to accomplish a 100% penetration joint.


7. Components are positioned according to the detail drawings, and AWS-certified welders complete the designed connection within stringent tolerances.


8. Full penetration welds are always inspected and verified ultrasonically. The component does not progress to the next phase of fabrication until it passes completely.


10. Depending on your choice of finish, Valmont Utility poles are transported to the appropriate processor to receive professional application treatments.


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