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Frequently Asked Questions

About Valmont® Utility Steel Pole Structures

  • Q. Valmont Utility acquired Newmark? How will that impact Valmont Utility and Newmark customers moving forward?
  • A. This is as a great opportunity for customers of both brands. If you’re were a Newmark customer in the past, you’ll still get the same quality Newmark pole, backed by Valmont’s superior service. If you’re a Valmont Utility customer, you now have the Newmark product line to help meet your needs.

  • Q. What sort of quality control/quality assurance program does Valmont Utility have?
  • A. The steel pole operation at Valmont Utility is certified with AISC (American Institute for Steel Construction). Our entire staff of quality assurance personnel maintains high-level certifications with AWS (American Welding Society) and CWIs (Certified Welding Inspectors). Our quality program goes beyond just the welding and fabrication processes and also addresses our systems to service our customers and maintain proper communications with our suppliers.

  • Q. What is the longest section length you manufacture?
  • A. Typically, individual transmission pole piece sections range up to 60 feet in length depending on the application. However, longer sections can be supplied by circumferential welding or pre-assembly. Regardless of individual section length, pole structures can be supplied up to the 250-foot range and higher.

  • Q. What is the largest diameter you manufacture?
  • A. Extraordinary diameters can be provided if necessary. Typical diameters, however, range up to 120 inches. Diameters are preferred to be less than 84 inches when hot-dip galvanized finish is requested.

  • Q. Do you have a family of standard wood pole equivalent steel poles?
  • A. Yes, we have been supplying wood pole equivalents (WPEs) from the start. Many customers prefer to specify their requirements by calling out a wood pole class equivalent. We can, of course, assist in evaluating the application with our staff of professional engineers. We also offer hybrid NewPole™ standard wood pole equivalents. NewPole is Valmont Utility's patented sectional composite, hybrid pole that combines the strengths of durable spun-concrete and lightweight tapered steel.

  • Q. What type of steel do you use?
  • A. We use high-strength low-alloy steel conforming to the requirements set forth in applicable standards; ASTM A572 for poles supplied with a galvanized or painted surface, and ASTM A871 for poles supplied with a self-weathering finish. All steel used in the manufacturing of our products also conforms to special requirements pertaining to chemistry and brittleness testing.

  • Q. What finishes are available?
  • A. We provide any finish you need for your application. Typically, these would be galvanized, painted or self-weathering finishes.

  • Q. How are the pole sections assembled?
  • A. Steel pole assembly methods depend upon how the joints are designed. Most of the time, our poles are designed with a "slip-splice." The matching sections are equipped with "jacking-nuts" and are joined together either by cable or chain hoists or hydraulic jack equipment. Depending upon space constraints, the pole can be assembled horizontally on the ground and then erected, or stacked vertically, section by section. Another type of connection is the bolted flange.

  • Q. How are the embedded portions of steel poles protected?
  • A. Steel in contact with the ground must be protected from corrosion. There are three means available to increase corrosion resistance - groundsleeves, galvanizing and epoxy paint. Groundsleeves incorporate a double wall of material at the groundline, where both moisture and oxygen combine to attack the steel. Galvanizing produces an alloy layer with the steel, as well as a minimum millage of zinc to protect the steel. Epoxy paint, such as coal tar epoxy or corrocote, provide an outer layer of corrosion resistance. Further, for superior protection of direct embedded steel poles, Valmont Utility offers the TriFORCE™ coating system, which provides unsurpassed corrosion protection just above and below grade (ground level). The product innovation combines a proper duplex coating system with an advanced application process that creates an exceptionally high level of defense to combat corrosion.

  • Q. Do you ship internationally?
  • A. Yes. Please contact Valmont Utility to discuss in more detail international shipping.

  • Q. What is your lead-time?
  • A. Valmont Utility provides some of the shortest lead times in the industry, but we will not commit to a lead time that we deem unreasonable. At Valmont Utility, we take pride in meeting our customers' expectations.

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