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Steel Transmission Poles

Utility Structures Unsurpassed in Strength and Versatility

Steel transmission poles from Valmont® Utility are unsurpassed in strength and versatility. As steel can be shaped, welded and bolted into an infinite array of engineered structures, the material is put where it needs to be, meeting the design challenge both efficiently and aesthetically. The unique attributes of steel give our engineers ultimate flexibility in creating structure designs that meet load requirements and all industry standards.

Custom Solutions, Seamless Service, On-time Delivery

Valmont Utility customers can count on our technical expertise in designing a broad array of engineered steel poles and utility structures in which we specialize. Possessing global resources and local expertise, our team of professional engineers and drafters effectively complete any job within our customers' deadlines, no matter what the design challenge. Each phase of design, fabrication, finishing and delivery is planned and seamlessly carried out to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products.

AISC Certified

The prestigious American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) has certified the Valmont Utility steel pole operation as a quality fabricator. This certification attests to the quality of our people as well as the quality of our facilities and equipment.


A variety of finishes are available with steel, including galvanized, paint over galvanized (powder coat or liquid), dulled and darkened galvanizing and weathering steel. For direct embedded steel poles, Valmont Utility offers the TriFORCE™ coating system, which provides unsurpassed corrosion protection just above and below grade (ground level). The product innovation combines a proper duplex coating system with an advanced application process that creates an exceptionally high level of defense to combat corrosion.

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