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Spun Concrete Transmission Poles

Setting the Standard for Design, Durability and Strength

Spun concrete poles from Valmont® Utility set the standard for design, durability and strength. With the benefits of spinning and pre-stressing, we manufacture concrete poles with the highest density, lowest weight and best strength-to-weight ratio available. Our attention to design and manufacturing details, as well as the many benefits of concrete, are leading a growing number of utilities to purchase our spun concrete poles.

Unsurpassed Durability

Unsurpassed durability is not only an inherent property of concrete, it is also a product of our superior manufacturing process. With virtually no degradation in even the most severe environments, you can expect our spun concrete poles to enhance the longevity of the power delivery line.

Centrifugal Casting Boosts Concrete’s Strength

The Valmont Utility centrifugal casting process and the use of pre-stressed strand in our production process produces concrete poles of incredible strength. The controlled spinning compacts and increases the already substantial strength of concrete.

Pre-stressed strands significantly increase strength and cracking resistance, providing ultimate moment capacities far beyond those found in non-pre-stressed, static-cast alternatives. The Valmont Utility spun concrete poles, in service extensively throughout Florida, weathered sustained winds of 145 mph and gusts exceeding 200 mph without a single failure when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida.

Long-term Savings - Low Lifetime Costs

The economics of concrete, easier installations, and virtually no post-installation maintenance result in low lifetime costs of Valmont Utility spun concrete poles. Direct burial is used extensively, significantly reducing installation costs. There is no rusting or rotting to monitor, and replacements and patches are not needed. These factors can result in a higher return on investment over the life of the line, when compared to other structural materials.

Patented Splice Joints

Patented splice joints from Valmont Utility allow us to manufacture spun concrete poles over 200 feet in length. The use of the splice joint provides easier installation between pole sections than traditional flange splices. However, for applications with special requirements, traditional flange splices are available.

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