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Hybrid Poles™

Steel and Concrete Materials Provide a Robust Utility Pole

Our patented hybrid is another in a long list of engineering successes from Valmont Utility. Our custom-engineered hybrid poles offer the combined benefits of steel and spun concrete in one structure. Originally designed to meet the demanding installation conditions of sometimes swampy rights-of-way for electrical transmission structures, our hybrid structures are finding their way into almost every industry we serve. Our hybrid is a steel pole with a concrete pole base section, giving you both the exceptional height, strength and light weight of steel in the air and the quick installation and impermeability of concrete in the ground. Its versatility enables our hybrid to be an ideal solution for a wide variety of harsh soil conditions and demanding installation environments.

Whether you are designing a power delivery line with standard demands, or one with unique challenges that stretches over miles of varying terrain and environments, consult with a Valmont Utility engineer to learn how our hybrid poles can fit seamlessly into a customized solution that is cost effective, more aesthetically pleasing and durable…all from one company.

Hybrid Utility Pole Advantages:

Lower pole cost than conventional tubular steel structures with drilled pier foundations

  • Eliminates costly base plate and anchor bolt cage.
  • Reduces cost of galvanizing by eliminating tubular steel base section.
  • Utilizes lower cost spun concrete in lieu of tubular steel base section, which eliminates below-grade corrosion problems.
  • Eliminates cost and time of drilled-pier foundation (direct embedded).

Lower cost of installation due to "same day" completion.

  • Direct embedment eliminates time required for drilled-pier foundation.
  • Setting concrete base section and total pole assembly can be completed the same day.
  • Easy installation in remote areas.

Quicker Delivery

Longer lead-time tubular steel sections are scheduled immediately for production while foundation designs are completed and final embedment length determined for the shorter lead-time spun concrete pole base sections.

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