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PyraMAX™ Scalable Structure Innovation

High Strength PyraMAX Structures Feature Low Installation Costs

The new PyraMAX™ product line is a family of scalable structures engineered by Valmont® Utility. The product design is inherently flexible, which allows our engineers to maximize T&D structure capacity while minimizing the structures weight and footprint. PyraMAX structures are designed to deliver significant cost savings for projects requiring lattice, large spans, transposition, dead-end and crossing structures.

Get the Elevated Engineering Advantage

As a new alternative to standard structures, PyraMAX achieves optimal results through structural integrity, scalable loads and substantial savings. PyraMAX structures are well suited for most any environment and in comparison with standard structures, deliver the leverage you need to achieve your cost-containment goals.

  • Reduces labor intensity with fewer connections than lattice.
  • Mitigates material costs through environmentally friendly, smaller scale foundations using less concrete, smaller equipment and shallower depths than traditional tubular construction.
  • Full structural testing is not required for new designs unlike the full-scale testing that lattice requires.
  • Flexible design allows for multiple design families to be generated, accelerating the speed of production.
  • Small member sizes and flexible designs are ideal for difficult terrain.

For more information on what sets PyraMAX apart from other solutions, download our product sheet.

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pyramax transmission poles

Where Does PyraMAX Fit Best?

Lattice Alternative

  • One-third the construction cost
  • No structural testing required
  • Implement where terrain presents challenges (lightweight sections, helicopter lift capable, uneven terrain, multiple foundation types – cages, grillages, micro piles, caissons)
  • Reduce time to market on new designs

Long Span / Crossing Structures

  • Scalable - from 100ft AGH to 500ft+ AGH, single circuit to 6+ circuits, 66KV to 1000+KV
  • Significantly reduced foundation sizes
  • Capable of FAA “Candy Stripe” painting and lighting for tall structures


  • Galvanized, Dulled, Darkened
  • Corten steel (weathering)
  • Aesthetic paint

To learn more about the many installation locations where PyraMAX may be a good fit for you, read our product sheet.

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