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The Standard of Excellence

Offered by Valmont® Utility, the Newmark product line sets the industry standard for superior quality, engineering excellence and reliability. Newmark transmission towers offer the versatility and light weight of steel, the low maintenance and durability of concrete (spun and static cast), or a hybrid that gives you the benefits of both. The Newmark product line is customizable to fit your exact needs, and it’s backed by decades of global engineering, testing, manufacturing and distribution expertise to ensure your structures deliver as designed.

The true power of Newmark transmission and distribution solutions is how they integrate to meet the unique challenges of any line, whether it is across town or around the globe, up to 1,000 kV. Here’s what makes Newmark the industry’s leading power transmission solution:

  • Custom engineering
  • Design flexibility
  • Exceptional ease of installation
  • Consistent, reliable performance
  • Maintenance savings
  • Corrosion protection options
newmark - steel pole

Steel Pole

newmark - concrete pole

Concrete Pole

newmark - hybrid pole

Hybrid Pole

The Power is Yours

Steel? Concrete? Both? Newmark puts the power to choose in your hands:

Steel Structures Concrete Structures Hybrid Structures
Reliable Cost effective Lower cost
Versatile Low maintenance Lightweight steel upper section
Lightweight Field modifiable Direct embedded concrete pole base station
Easy installation Extremely durable Extremely durable
All finishes available Direct embedded Economical alternative to drilled pier foundation
AISC Certification Environmentally safe Easy installation in remote areas

valmont utility - newmark - logoThe Newmark product line from Valmont Utility is designed to be more than a single solution to any power transmission challenge. Its innate flexibility (materials, design, manufacture, delivery, installation, maintenance) means you get the best possible solution—no matter the challenge.

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