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Substation Protection

Perimeter Safety Fencing to Protect People and Substation Assets

Improving electrical grid resiliency has been an industry priority for years. Recent global unrest and new types of security threats are underscoring the vital importance of maintaining and improving upon electrical grid performance and uptime. Substations interconnect the grid, which makes the utility assets at these sites a target to those who wish to impair system availability. Furthermore, many substation assets are aging; many installations occurred in previous decades when security was a less prominent concern.

In addition, substations are often situated in dense urban areas, fast-growing suburban developments, and in open rural areas – a combination that poses unique challenges to those who are tasked with securing every asset. This realization has driven the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other governmental agencies to recommend improved security of substation structures.

Along with intensifying security, many urban communities are seeking to re-energize the vitality of their environment by either modernizing the external appearance of substations, or by improving noise abatement. The innovation to protect with appealing barriers and safety fencing is quickly gaining traction as utility safety and asset managers, economic development professionals, land developers and architects are collaborating to make substations become one with the environment.

Valmont® Utility is proud to offer three substation protection solutions: PicPerf®, Valmont Fortress™ and Shakespeare SafeFence™.

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The newest substation safety barrier system from Valmont Utility for urban installations utilize PicPerf aesthetic technology. Crafted in metal, images take life along the perimeter fence with the use of hundreds or thousands of drill holes of various precise sizes. In fact, PicPerf technology allow for up to 15 different tones to be produced to deliver an attractive, one-of-a-kind design.

PicPerf fencing is ideal for affluent neighborhoods, modern downtown areas and thriving creative centers where curb appeal is an important consideration, along with the ability to design structures and foundations to utility industry standards providing Line-of-Sight level asset protection.

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Valmont Fortress™

valmont fortress substation protection

The Fortress product line by Valmont Utility offers steel, composite or concrete fencing options to protect critical substation assets from terrorism and vandalism. This solution's "line of sight" concealed protection method removes the visibility of the target, providing the most cost-efficient form of security available. In addition, the Valmont Fortress substation safety fencing system serves as a sound barrier to reduce substation noise in areas with considerable electricity demands, and is particularly popular in urban neighborhoods where residents desire noise abatement and enhanced visual appeal.

Shakespeare SafeFence™

The SafeFence substation perimeter barrier system is a non-conductive, composite fence that provides safety and security around transformer yards and other properties with installed utility assets. The fiberglass wall deters would-be vandals, excludes wildlife and hides unsightly equipment. Well suited for urban, suburban and rural installations, SafeFence barriers are lightweight and versatile, and can easily be installed and field-modified to address all types of terrain. Shakespeare SafeFence is designed and manufactured in the United States by Valmont Composite Structures.

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