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Customers who need substation structures can rely on Valmont® Utility for a full complement of standard steel, concrete and hybrid concrete/steel structures, along with our full-service engineering group to develop a custom solution for any special need. We offer low installed costs, exceptional structural performance, and aesthetically pleasing installations by crafting tapered tubular supports for major members.

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Manufacturing: Valmont Utility provides an unmatched breadth of manufacturing capacity to support the needs of our substation customers. Our time-proven production resources provide the flexibility needed to deliver uncommon value. By utilizing multiple Valmont-owned galvanizing and coating facilities, Valmont Utility can control quality to exacting tolerances and deliver the final product to most any location in the world.

Technical Competency: Valmont Utility substations are designed with the same tools utilized by the entire Valmont Utility engineering group, which provides for a greater design knowledge base. The engineering design tools are based on real-world manufacturing, testing and installation protocols. Valmont Utility also has the ability to do Ansys Analysis in-house, when required or needed.

Product Offering: Valmont Utility offers a full range of substation structures for voltages ranging from 12kv to 765kv. Our goal is to provide the most efficient and structurally sound components for your substation by utilizing tapered tubular shapes, standard structural shapes, or a combination of these structure shapes to maximize value.

Typical substation structures designed and manufactured by Valmont Utility include:

  • Termination Dead Ends (Monopole, H-frame, A-frame)
  • Bus Supports and Equipment Stands (Switch, PT, CT and CCVT stands)
  • Mast (Static, Lighting)
  • Box/POD structures

Tapered tubular substation structures save money and reduce waste

Tapered tubular structures provide a large strength-to-weight ratio. Material is used only where it is needed. Large diameters are at the highest stressed base, and smaller diameters are at the lower stressed top. This results in a very light, yet strong structure.

Since tapered tubes are strong and stiff, they allow the designer to minimize the number of foundations needed in the substation. It is not unusual to use a single tapered column (and, therefore, one foundation) to support a switch-stand or bus-support where a similar design in lattice or side flange structures would require two, or even four, foundations.

The installation of tapered tube structures is fast and simple. For example, a single bay A-frame dead end normally uses only 24 fasteners to assemble.

The structural performance of tapered tubes is also superior to other alternatives. Closed sections (as opposed to I-beams or lattice structures) offer inherent, predictable torsional and translational stiffness. This allows our customers greater flexibility to lay out a substation with larger dead end take-off angles and higher tensions. In fact, full-tension dead ends in a tapered tube substation eliminate the need to dead-end the transmission line separately.

In addition to their superior structural performance, tapered tubes offer a clean, aesthetically pleasing installation. Their low profile and uncluttered appearance makes tubular columns the design of choice in areas where public acceptance is critical.

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