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Wood Pole Equivalents

Steel Poles Offer Many Advantages Compared to Wood

Valmont® Utility offers steel poles that closely match standard wood pole classifications as an alternative to wood. The Rapid Response Series is our standard design offering for customers who are seeking Wood Pole Equivalents (WPE).

Typical applications for these types of poles are:

  • Projects with short lead times.
  • Distribution/angle/dead-end applications where guyed structures are not desirable.
  • Stocking programs so that replacement poles are available for emergency situations.
  • New construction.
  • Rebuilding/upgrading of existing lines.

These standard tapered poles cover a wide range of pole lengths and capacities. Lengths begin at 30 feet and continue in five-foot increments, to a maximum length of 140 feet. Groundline moment capacities start at less than 50 ft-kips and continue beyond 1000 ft-kips, covering a range from an approximate Class 5 wood pole equivalent to well above the capacity of wood poles.

Steel Pole Benefits

Strong and Much Lighter in Weight

High strength steel poles are considerably lighter than wood structures. Their maximum 55-foot section lengths for multi-piece poles provide easier handling, transportation, assembly and storage.

Uniform Material Strength for Consistent, Reliable Performance

Valmont Utility steel poles provide a constant taper without wood twists, knots, splits or sweep, while providing uniform diameters. Steel also has uniform material strength throughout the entire structure, providing more consistent and predictable results than wood.

Proven Corrosion Protection for Long-Life Performance

A variety of steel finishes are available, including galvanized, paint over galvanized (powder coat or liquid), dulled and darkened galvanizing, and weathering steel. For direct embedded steel poles, Valmont Utility offers the TriFORCE™ coating system, which provides unsurpassed corrosion protection just above and below grade (ground level). The product innovation combines a proper duplex coating system with an advanced application process that creates an exceptionally high level of defense to combat corrosion.

Design Flexibility Allows for Custom Engineered Solutions

Steel poles can be used freestanding or guyed for all structure types in a line, including tangents, angles and dead ends. When choosing steel, only one material has to be used for the entire line. Furthermore, steel poles can be custom-engineered and fabricated to support larger and heavier loadings with longer spans than traditional wood poles. In short, flexible design options can mean fewer poles to purchase and install. Also, when required, steel can be designed for greater height requirements than wood.

Ease of Procurement

The Rapid Response Series pole designs are pre-engineered and fully complete, reducing the time needed to prepare a quotation from weeks to days. Additionally, time is saved after the order is placed. The elimination of the design and print approval process for preexisting standard structures cuts weeks from traditional lead times.

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