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TriFORCE™ Coating System

The Measure of Defense Against Corrosion

In collaboration, industry leaders Valmont® Utility and Valspar® Protective Coatings have formulated the TriFORCE™ coating system, which provides unsurpassed corrosion protection of direct-embedded steel poles just above and below grade (ground level). The product innovation combines a proper duplex coating system with an advanced application process that creates an exceptionally high level of defense to combat corrosion.

TriFORCE addresses a breadth of challenges:

  • A beveled top edge eliminates hard-edge variability at the water shelf.
  • Valspar Duraspar® UV top coat provides exemplary UV-exposure protection above grade.
  • Valspar CorroCote® II Ultra maximizes below-grade base coat performance

Find out more about the challenges TriFORCE addresses in our product sheet.

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How Does TriFORCE Compare to the Industry Standard?

current industry versus triforce exclusive features

Current base coat standards meet the minimum requirements for protection based on optimal application conditions.

The new Valspar CorroCote II Ultra offers appreciably more adhesion than its predecessors and is a more user-friendly and application-tolerant product, delivering consistent results and improved performance in adhesion, cathodic disbondment, impact and abrasion resistance. A balanced cure window provides the necessary time to wet out and penetrate the steel profile.

Although Polyurethane, Polyurea and Hybrid products are UV resistant, they are not truly UV-stable and only offer marginal UV protection. UV-resistant coatings will have some chalking and coating loss with UV exposure.

Valspar Duraspar UV stable coatings provide optimal protection and exceptional performance, even in the harshest UV environments. This coating system is infused with additives to provide chemical resistance and abrasion resistance against pollutants and other challenging environmental conditions.

A hard edge or shelf on the coating provides a place for moisture and contaminants to accumulate and initiate corrosion. A feathered edge is heavily dependent upon the applicator to maintain consistency and repeatability, which poses challenging.

The patented Shadow-Mask chamfered lip top edge, utilizing aerospace technology, creates a clean, rounded top edge which is highly repeatable with consistent transition areas extending coating design life expectancy.

Variable environmental conditions along with fast application methods can create holidays (i.e., a discontinuity in coating, when a part of the surface remains uncoated), in the base coat that accelerate corrosion.

The Dual Pass application rotates each structure twice, applying 50% of the target coating thickness each time to achieve the full coating thickness. This duplex technique dramatically reduces the risk of pin hole development, which may penetrate the entire thickness of coatings supplied by others and cause premature corrosion.

TriFORCE has proven its value in the field. View independent, third party test results and see for yourself.

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See how the TriFORCE coating system is applied

triforce - recommended application

For more information and test results on this remarkable innovation, review the Valmont Utility TriFORCE product sheet.

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