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Pre-Drilled Poles

Accelerate Installation Schedules with Pre-Drilled Poles from Valmont Utility

Valmont Utility transmission and distribution poles can be pre-drilled at the factory, which eliminates time consuming field drilling. Furthermore, custom drill hole patterns may be specified for different construction needs, so no field additions are needed.

Valmont Utility is able to custom drill holes into your distribution poles by a process called plasma burning. This method enables us to quickly process a pole with a variety of different diameter holes. We are also able to offer an endless possibility of hole shapes. Whether you need a slotted, keyway or elliptical hole for riser use, we can meet your custom need. We can pre-drill for various construction styles, possible equipment mounting needs, and future climbing attachments. Pre-drilling can even be used for center-of-gravity-marking so the poles are easy and safe to lift.

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