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Business Values

Why Choose Valmont® Utility

Our vision is to help our valued customers “electrify the world”. Whether it is bringing electricity to rural sub-Saharan villages for the first time, or modernizing major metropolitan grids with state-of-the-art poles and structures for superb resiliency, Valmont Utility is poised and ready to provide the engineering know-how that gets the job done.

At Valmont Utility, we have a passion for our products, services and customers. We operate with absolute integrity. We strive for continuous improvement, removing waste everywhere with a true sense of urgency. We consistently deliver results. In short, this is how we do business at Valmont® Utility.

We know there's a difference between making promises and living up to them. That is why our customers have trusted us over the years to deliver innovative solutions for their most demanding projects.

Our engineers, resources and manufacturing capabilities are second to none. In fact, when our customers bring a challenge to Valmont Utility, they get engineers seasoned with experience in designing and building some of the most difficult projects ever attempted in this industry.

For the more standard projects, you can trust Valmont Utility to deliver what you want, when you want it. The proof is in years of providing solutions and satisfaction to thousands of customers.

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