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At Valmont® Utility, we are helping to revolutionize the way engineers plan and execute transmission, sub-transmission, distribution and substation projects.

We engineer and manufacture a wide range of steel, concrete and hybrid concrete/steel poles and structures for electrical transmission, substation and distribution applications. In short, our products help move electrical power from where it is produced to where it is used.

Recognizing that our in-house technical, manufacturing and customer service professionals are the cornerstone of our accomplishments, we pride ourselves on being people of passion and integrity who excel and deliver results. Which is why Newmark is part of the Valmont Utility product line. Acquired in 2004, the Newmark name is synonymous with superior quality, engineering excellence, and reliability.

From transmission, sub-transmission and distribution poles to substation structures, our products can be ordered, fabricated and delivered to any site, in any combination of concrete, steel or hybrid (concrete/steel). That means engineers have the flexibility - through one company - to customize segments of a line with poles fabricated out of materials suited for the environment. The final result is a line that is more cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and durable.

For your power delivery challenges, choose a recognized leader throughout the world in pole technology. Choose Valmont Utility.

About Valmont Industries, Inc.

With annual revenue of more than $3B (US), Valmont Industries, Inc., is a Fortune 1000 company recognized throughout the world as an industry leader in engineered products and services for infrastructure, and water conserving irrigation equipment for agriculture.

Valmont sells its products and services in more than 100 countries while operating over 100 production facilities, located on six continents. Valmont Industries, Inc. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (VMI).

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